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Speed up post time in G6/G7 blade servers?

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Speed up post time in G6/G7 blade servers?

Greg had a question when powering up server during the POST times:




I have a large client who is complaining it takes a long time to get through the post process. (Measured from power on until the OS starts to boot.) Some of these servers have a large amount of memory. Are there any BIOS options that can be used to speed up the process? I know with BCS servers there were options that could turn off early self-tests which in turn sped up the boot process. Granted, turning off these tests had its own issues but is there anything in the BIOS of G6/G7 blades that can be tweaked to speed up the boot process? They are getting a large number of new G7 blades next week and they want to speed up the boot process for the initial deployment.





Reply from Anton:




There is an option in the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) called “POST speed up”, see page 165 in the RBSU user guide:



“POST Speed Up

The POST Speed Up option is a toggle setting that enables or disables the extended power-up

memory test. When POST Speed Up is set to Enabled, the extended power-up memory test is not

executed, and the server powers up more quickly.”


Even if that’s the Gen8 RBSU guide, this options is there since G6s I think(if not even earlier generations)…




Other comments or suggestions?


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Re: Speed up post time in G6/G7 blade servers?

I just checked two BL460c's running 5/5/2011 BIOS and that option isn't in either server :



joseph pareti
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Re: Speed up post time in G6/G7 blade servers?

is the POST speed up feature available on Gen 8 blades?