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Swapped a BL460c G1 for a G7 and now my network isn't (working)

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Swapped a BL460c G1 for a G7 and now my network isn't (working)

Okay, I'm flummoxed and after battling with this for hours on a production machine, I'm reaching out for help.

Blade 11 in our C7000 chassis decided to go wonky. All the ESXi VMs running on it were down, but I couldn't get it to stay powered off. poweroff 11 force from the OA CLI didn't have any effect. It just kept restarting.

Aha! I thought. "I've got a currently unused G1 blade in slot 12. I'll just power it down, swap the drives and be up and running in no time."

Except blade 12 wouldn't power up again. Yay.

I had a spare G7 blade, so I installed the drives and put it in slot 11. The server wakes up and I can see the ESXi screen from the console, but none of the networking is working.

The G7 has a mezzanine card. I understand that the NICs on the mezz are hard-wired to IC bays 3 & 4 (which we have unpopulated). Is that what's causing this? i.e. ESXi is using the mezz NICs instead of the built-in ones?

Is there some configuration or IC mapping I'm missing?

Also, I can't seem to keep the remote console connected for more than a few seconds. I've tried both the Java and integrated console, both exhibit the same behavior. That makes working from remote problematic.


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Re: Swapped a BL460c G1 for a G7 and now my network isn't (working)

Seems to be a driver issue, this is not same network driver between G1 and
G7 (Broadcom/Emulex)

So need at least check version from HPE web site (redirect to Vmware web

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