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Tool to find World-Wide Name (WWN) number of Fibre Channel (FC) cards

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Tool to find World-Wide Name (WWN) number of Fibre Channel (FC) cards

A question from Vijay on Fibre Channel:




Is there any tool/third party software which can display the WWN of the FC cards present in the Proliant server for Windows and Linux?




A variety of input for Vijay:


From Dave:

                If you are referring to the LOM CNA modules, you should be able to use the One Command tool. Here is the link for the Windows version:


And from Walton:

OneCommand also works for the native Fibre Channel cards from Emulex.  QConvergeConsole is available for QLogic products.  Both are on under software and drivers for the respective products.


Input from Chris:

If these are blades, the OA will report what the WWN’s are for all models.  Gen8 iLO will display this information as well.  For Linux, you can can the device files under /proc/scsi/[module_name]/.  Windows, you can use PowerShell (from looking at the Microsoft TechNet ScriptCenter,


Get-HBAWin -ComputerName |Format-Table –AutoSize



function Get-HBAWin { 


[String[]]$ComputerName = $ENV:ComputerName  


$ComputerName | ForEach-Object { 

$Computer = $_ 

$Namespace = "root\WMI"  

Get-WmiObject -class MSFC_FCAdapterHBAAttributes -computername $Computer -namespace $namespace | 

ForEach-Object { 


ComputerName     = $_.__SERVER 

NodeWWN          = (($_.NodeWWN) | ForEach-Object {"{0:x}" -f $_}) -join ":" 

Active           = $_.Active 

DriverName       = $_.DriverName 

DriverVersion    = $_.DriverVersion 

FirmwareVersion  = $_.FirmwareVersion 

Model            = $_.Model 

ModelDescription = $_.ModelDescription 

New-Object psobject -Property $hash 










Any other thoughts or suggestions?