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Trying to use 4 Virtual Connect 1/10gb Enet modules for multiple uplinks set

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Trying to use 4 Virtual Connect 1/10gb Enet modules for multiple uplinks set

Diane was looking for help:






I’m working on an issue with one of HP’s SI.  We are trying to setup an environment that will utilize 4 VC enet modules  for a VMware demo.  The single c7000 has 4 VC’s in bays 1, 2, 5 & 6 that have 4 ports each, connected to a ProCurve 2848 switch.  I’ve used both scenario 1-3 and 1-6 of the VC cookbook but have not been able to get all the VC ports to be active.  I seem to be having the problem on the 2 VC’s I added to the enclosure.  They never become active.


Here’s a brief outline of what hardware is in place:

8 BL460g6 in a c7000

                Each blade has an LOM Flex10 nic, Qlogic QMH2462 in mezz 1 and NC382M in mezz 2

4 VC 1/10gb e-net modules

2 fc  4gb FC bays 3 & 4


The VC enet 1/10gb have a stacking link established on port 8 using  RJ45 cables between bays 1->5 & 2->6.  I’ve created 1 shared uplink set on each VC and added in the 4 ports that are connected to the ProCurve switch.


I followed the directions in the VC cookbook Appendices B for setting up the ProCurve.  I created 3 dynamic LACP trunk groups and added the ports in that the VC is connected to.  I turned on GRVP and ensured that the ports in the trunk group have “Forbid” for the default vLan.  I then tagged the trunk groups into the vlans I needed.  If I do a show lacp I see the ports that are blocked are the ones connected to the 2 VC modules I added.


Any help/thoughts/suggestions on how to make this all work is greatly appreciated.




Vincent got involved:




3 trunks on the ProCurve ?

With 4 VC modules with 4 uplinks each, you should have 4 trunks on the ProCurve, each with the 4 ports coming from ONE VC module.




Any other suggestions?