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UEFI PXE boot question.

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UEFI PXE boot question.

Annie has a customer question on moving from embedded Legacy BIOS to a UEFI environment:




My customer is now starting to look into the UEFI PXE boot with their existing methods.


For their blades, all of the vlans are tagged, so for PXE booting they have to go into NIC BIOS utility to setup pxe vlan.

For legacy BIOS mode they have the ability to go to the Emulex BIOS and set the vlan is there (under port configuration).

For UEFI mode there is no configurable option when trying to set the nic card settings.


Customer tried setting the option in Legacy mode an then switch to UEFI mode for PXE booting without any success.

Is this something that will be exposed to the UEFI menu in the future? Or they should worked with RESTful API ?




Input from Daniel:

Hi Annie,


If you go to System Utilities (F9) then go to System Configuration and if the card does support UEFI, you should see it in the list of the IO installed in the system.


You can then go select it and press Enter to go to more details information of the card. If the card can be configured, then there will be options for you to configure it.


And more from Dan:

You pretty much do everything that used to be F8 or CTRL+S or etc etc from the F9 screen now with UEFI.


Example of Daniel’s text.

This is a Qlogic NIC (Broadcom) but the process should be similar with Emulex.


F9 during boot.















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Re: UEFI PXE boot question.

Is there any way to set the VLAN ID from OneView?