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Unable to update BL460 Gen8 Firmware

Khurram exe

Unable to update BL460 Gen8 Firmware

Hi All, 


We have a BL460 G8 server and i wanted to update its firmware using HP SUM, I have downloaded HP SUM version "HPSUMCB600.2013_0905.7" but when i try to boot the server using HP SUM media. It gives an error message and doesnt proceed with Firmware Upgrade "failed to add baseline hp sum"


Pleasesee the below image and advice. HP SUM Error



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Re: Unable to update BL460 Gen8 Firmware

If that ISO is only ~450 MB then all you downloaded was the SUM Boot ISO with NO Actual Content.

You either need to use SPP 2013.09b
Take SUM 6 (6.0.1 will be out next week)
Import the SPP mentioned above
Add any additional fixes outside the SPP you might need
Then create a new Custom Baseline and check the box for Creating an ISO.
That will give you a 6.0 ISO WITH the content you need.

I think the next SPP will include SUM 6 instead of SUM 5, but thats not likely to show up until ~Feb 2014 when Intel is supposedly going to release Ivy Bridge EX (and HP surely some servers with those chips)
Randy Knight
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Re: Unable to update BL460 Gen8 Firmware

I just ran into this same issue. Why HP would post a bootable CD without content is totally lost on me. I've tried working with this version of SUM and it needs a MAJOR UI overhaul. I was hoping that for the deployment of my 2 new G8 blades I could use this to update firmware before loading ESXi, but clearly I was mistaken.

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Re: Unable to update BL460 Gen8 Firmware

Its been painfull to find additional information for how to use HPSUM 6.0.1.  Why havent HP still posted an ISO file with all the files in it already.  I wont care if it is a 10gb download... simply make it easier.. C'MON MAN.