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Unused NIC's appears on BL460c Gen9

Occasional Advisor

Unused NIC's appears on BL460c Gen9

Hi all,


I have a new HP BL460c Gen9 with HP FlexFabric 20 GB 650FLB Adapter. VC FlexFabric 20/40 modules, port X1-X4 used. 


When I install ESXi 6.0 (HP Custom image) i shows 4 NIC's, just as specified in the server profile. But also, there are two unused NIC's without link. Option "Hide unused FlexNICs" is of course set in profile.


So, how to hide these two unused NICs? 


My HP rep mentioned he thought it was some kind of iSCSI initiatior or similar that could be disabled in RBSU or System Configuration for the NIC's. But no such option is available. Only disable the entire NIC.


SPP 2015.06. 


Googling around, this seems like an old issue, but no real solution found. You can apparently hide them from ESXi with an undocumented tool from VMware, but I would really like to hide these in the server profile, RBSU or similar. 


Also, I don't have this issue on my old C7000 chassi with G6, G7 and Gen8 blades and Flex-10.


Is this possible?






Unused NIC's are labeled as vmnic2 and 3 in ESXi. They are also visible from RBSU


Re: Unused NIC's appears on BL460c Gen9

As mentioned in another thread...We are using 630flbs.


Similar issue on the WIndows side of things, if I configure the 630FLB on a 460c Gen9 to be ALL NICs(no FC) and I have the hide unused flexnics check, NICs 3&4 show up as "Not pluggin in".


With Windows(2012/R2), right-click disable, rename to something like "Not Used" and ignore them.....