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Using option blades with full height blades

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Using option blades with full height blades

Rick had an interesting question about using some of the option blades with a full height server blade:



Is it possible to use both sidecar slots next to a full height blade for option blades? All of the docs that I have seen indicate that if you use a sidecar option with a full height blade (to add a storage blade/tape blade), you need to use the bottom slot and fill the other slot above it with a blank. This implies that only one sidecar option is possible. Salesbuilder, however, let’s us configure a BL860c with both a storage blade and a tape blade. This would imply using both slots. Which is correct?



Cullen provided some insight:



You can only use one sidecar with any blade.  It must be in the same quadrant as the blade (either to the right or the left).



Do you use option blades in your systems? Let us know what you use and does it provide what you need?

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Re: Using option blades with full height blades

Monty had additional info for full height blades:



All current c-class server blades only support a single sidecar blade.  The full-height server blades require the use of a PCIe passthrough mezz card in Mezz 3 to connect to a sidecar located in the bay in the same partition at the bottom of that server.


Sounds like Salesbuilder is not correct for the BL860c as it only supports one sidecar in the adjacent lower bay.