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Using two different switches in bays 1 & 2

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Using two different switches in bays 1 & 2

Frank had a customer issue:




Is using (2) different Ethernet interconnects in Bays 1 & 2 supported?  I haven’t been asked this before, and just received a question from a customer who is trying it (see customer notes below) Is the ‘hot swap’ the possible issue?  Should they do a shutdown and reboot of the enclosure?




Reply from Dan:




2 different switches, yes

2 different speeds, no


From the 465c G7 QuickSpecs


NOTE: Each port is autosensing 1 Gb / 10 Gb, and can interoperate with 1 Gb HP BladeSystem c-Class interconnect components. ***Both ports will operate at the same speed***.




Other comments?