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VMware Firmware/Drivers update best practice

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VMware Firmware/Drivers update best practice

Joshua had a question when updating VMware drivers:




Is there a best practices whitepaper or other information on the best way to update firmware/drivers for VMware?  I have heard this before but not sure it’s the best way.  


Initial Server Setup

  1. Update Enclosure/Server firmware using SPP/SUM
  2. Download and use the latest HP version of ESXi  4.x or 5.x…
  3. Use VMware update manager to apply drivers and patches.


Firmware/Driver updates there after

  1. Update Enclosure/Server firmware using SPP/SUM
  2. Use update manager for drivers.


I also recently have had a couple customers asking how to know what they are running is the latest supported by HP and VMware. 


Any thoughts or experience?




From Nick:




I would recommend that once you are in production you do the ESX drivers before the server firmware. In the past NIC firmware updates have resulted in the older drivers not recognizing the NICs leaving you with no network connectivity in ESX.




Lawrence replied:




I second Nick’s recommendation here – upgrade the Emulex drivers before upgrading the Emulex firmware.


Says so in Service Pack for Proliant 2012.06.0 Release Notes on page 16:





The SPP release notes can be found here:




Any other comments or suggestions?