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Virtual Connect Trunk with VLANs

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Virtual Connect Trunk with VLANs


Can I create a VC Trunk over which I can psss multipe VLANs with a single 10GB connection?

I am new to the C7000 so I may be looking at this the wrong way.

Some background.  In my understanding I need a Trunk to pass multiple VLANs over a single 10Gb connection. 

I have 2 C7000 chassis that I am setting up.  Each has 2x Vitual Connect 10/24 Modules.  I have access to a limited number of 10Gb ports( 4x ports, 1x per VC Module) on the upstream switch. 

My plan is to create Trunks using 1 Connection each which passes my VLANs. Then create 2x Networks on each trunk and use Windows 2016 NIC Teaming to create an HA Connection accross the 2x Trunks.

This would both give me redundancey and load balancing through the OS accros the 2x upstream 10Gb ports on the C7000.  

This of course all relys on creating a trunk from a single 10Gb port.

The other option would be create a trunk with 2x 10Gb ports to the switch.  But it is my understanding this would create and Active/Standby config and only one 10Gb port would be Active at any time.

I am new to the C7000 so help is much appreciated.