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WS460c Gen8 or Gen9 with 630FLB and FC capability?

Occasional Contributor

WS460c Gen8 or Gen9 with 630FLB and FC capability?

I have a WS460c Gen8 server running Windows 7 Professional.  I have a 630FLB that is supposed to carry both LAN and SAN.  Is this server supposed to support FC on the LOM if configured correctly in VC Manager.  I have 2 NICs, and 2 FC connections, I also have the SAN connections built as well.  I have a BL460c Gen9 server in this same chassis that I can see logged into the SAN, so Im not sure what the problem could be.  When I get into the WS460c BIOS, I can see the 630FLB, but when I go to bootable devices, the only thing I see is the local Storage Controller.  Am I missing something?  I have also been on the Cisco Switch and did a "show flogi database", which shows me some WWPN's, but none from the WS's (3 installed in chassis).  Disregarding the OS that is installed (because that may be another issue), I should see from the BIOS of this card the ability to see something.  

Thanks for any info you can provide.