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What Server Blades are compatible with the C7000?

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What Server Blades are compatible with the C7000?

I am budgeting for next year and plan to purchase some blades to go with a C7000 that we already own. I just need to find some documentation that describes the type of blade servers that can be installed to a C7000 Chassis. I have read the quick specs and data sheets and cannot seem to find what I am looking for.


I think I am looking for a BL460c but honestly I don’t know the difference between that and a BL420c. Do all C-Series blades work in a C7000? Or is there a matrix or list available that I can compare compatible blades?



Steven Clementi
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Re: What Server Blades are compatible with the C7000?

All c-Class Blades should work in a c-Series Blade enclosure.  There are different form factors and options and you may not have the appropriate backend devices for newer blades (I.E. They would probably work, but with limited functionality).  You probably need a firmware upgrade as well if the unit is older then about 1.5 years.


Here is the Portfolio Landing Page:


From here you can see all of the options for the blades and backend components.


There is no size difference between the BL460 and the BL420.  Both are half height blades.

There are also Full Height blades and Double Width Full Height blades.  There used to be half height double dense blades as well, but they are older and may not be available anymore (4 physical servers in a full height slot, 32 total in an enclosure.)


If you have the opportunity, you should see if your vendor has a Pre-Sales Engineer or Solutions Architect that you could talk to.  Sometimes they can come in and do a roadmap presentation of current and next gen technologies... and help you get your budget numbers in order for planning.


You can post here too, or PM me with specific questions regarding Blades.

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Re: What Server Blades are compatible with the C7000?

Thanks for the answer. That is the information I was looking for.


Re: What Server Blades are compatible with the C7000?




The information that Steven has provided for blades and backend components is excellent, and I can assist you in contacting a Solutions Architect to help with planning and implementation.  I sent you a private message so that, if you'd like to pursue this route, we can connect offline to get this meeting set up for you.