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Win2k8 Remote FX solution on Blade

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Win2k8 Remote FX solution on Blade

Erkan had a graphics question:




Hello All ,


Is anyone experience about  Remote FX solution on Blade Server

And is it possible to put PCI Expantion Blade with PCIe Graphic Card with Blade Server ( BL460 G7 working with win2k8 )




Kiran had some answers:




It is not possible to use PCI-e graphics cards with PCI expansion blade. The PCI expansion blade has a half length x8 slot (with ends closed) and you will find all performing PCI-e graphics cards to be of full length form factor.Hence  the combination not possible. Also, there would be thermal issues to address with the graphics card generating a lot of heat – when used.


As an alternate, you could look at WS460c with expansion blade as Erik has suggested


On the Remote FX, have seen the available 512MB mezz cards from Nvidia (FX3600/FX770) not delivering an acceptable performance for applications like Pro-E. You would need a 1GB card at a minimum (This is what Microsoft suggests as well)




Any other experiences with graphics an blades?