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Windows Server 8 (Developers Release) Network Drivers

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Windows Server 8 (Developers Release) Network Drivers

A Windows Server 8 question from Kris:




I have a customer that has the Developers release of Windows 8 and is wanting to do some testing with it.  The problem he has is that he cannot seem to find any network drivers and is unable to do the testing he would like without network connectivity.  He is not looking for anything “official” with regards to the driver, just something that will get him connectivity.  Does anyone have any ideas on where he might be able to obtain a “test” or “beta” driver?  Thanks.




Some input from Om:




I had the same problem. I got it resolved by using drivers from Win2k8 R2 PSP. You will need to extract the PSP and then extract the smart component for your NIC and then point Windows to pick this driver during Plug-n-Play.




Some good info from David:




I’m sure everyone means to refer to Windows SERVER 8, and not the client OS.  If you go to --> Windows 8, it shows the on-media drivers for network included in the Developers Release:



On Media Drivers


Intel Network Controller Driver


Intel E1E Network Controller Driver


Broadcom 1 GB Network Controller Driver


Broadcom 1GB Network Multi-Function Driver


Broadcom 1GB Network Multi-Function Virtual Bus Device Driver


Broadcom 10 GbE Network Multifunction Driver


Mellanox 10 GbE Network Controller Driver


Mellanox 10 GbE Network Controller Virtual Bus Device Driver


QLOGIC iSCSI Controller Driver



To support the Windows Server 8 BETA, there is a whitepaper in process to detail how to use with ProLiant and what is/is not available for testing.




Any other suggestions?

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Re: Windows Server 8 (Developers Release) Network Drivers

Additional input on this subject:



 From Vincent:

Hhmm, does that mean that Emulex 10GbE drivers are NOT in there ? That would be more than unfortunate given that it’s the default on G7 and Gen8 blades…


From Armand:

I’m running a Windows server 8 Beta Datacenter evaluation copy build 8250 on my BL460cG7, and the network is up and running:

NP NC553i Dual Port FlexFabric 10Gb CNA version