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bl460c G8 with 534FLB adapter boot from SAN issue

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bl460c G8 with 534FLB adapter boot from SAN issue

I have c7000 with both G7 with nc553i and G8 with 534FLB adapter installed.

They are using same ethernet and FC uplinks on Flexfabric VC. no issues with ethernet, but FC connection on G8 is not working the way as G7 does. all firmware/bios setting are done connrectly.

The initial server profile just have network and fabric configured, with WWPN assigned from VC pool.

G7 boots up and is able to stay connected to Fabric switch, from VC server connection status screen, G7's hba port show "logged in", and storage team is able to se the WWPNs for provisioning the LUNs, and configure boot controller WWPN for G7 blade to use.

G8 boots up, does a flogi, and then conection to fabric sw is then lost. so storage team cannot see WWPNs from G8 blades.


However, after G7 is build with OS (ESXi), attaching the working server profile to G8, G8 boots up with no issue.

So IMHO, G8 with 534FLB cannot keep connection up to FC SW without WWPN already been "zoned" to fabric.


The network topoly is as following:


for FC:  blade--VC-->Cisco 5K (fc)-->brocade


Anyone had/having similar issue with G8/543FLB CNA adapter?


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Re: bl460c G8 with 534FLB adapter boot from SAN issue

The only time I saw any Boot from SAN issues with the 534 were right after it was released. These were fixed with new firmware back in like December 2013.

So first thing I would do is make sure the firmware is up to date.

Next I would make sure you are using the HP version of ESXi because it will have the proper drivers for this.

Now just in case you are not actually booting from SAN but maybe booting from SD card or something, have a look at this article about making sure the FCoE ports are properly configured in ESXi.