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bl460c g8 installation and configuration help

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bl460c g8 installation and configuration help

Hi very new and really dont know what im doing.  I need to set up C7000 and some bl460c G8 in it.  Looking at the guides physical installation is pretty straight forward, but how do I go about getting ESXi hosts configured is a very cloudy.

Could someone point me to documentation and guides that would expalin needed steps?




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Re: bl460c g8 installation and configuration help

There is a ton of "it depends" in an answer like this and I can already think of 5 or 6 different questions I would need to ask.

Are you in the US by chance?
If so let me know what City and State and I can try to find you a resource to help you out.
I work in the Los Angeles area for HP in PreSales.