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c3000 firmware upgrade path

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c3000 firmware upgrade path


I am in the process of adding 2x460c G9 blades to an existing c3000 enclosure. I am aware that these G9 need the OA and VC to be at certain firmware level otherwise they won't simply work.

For 460c G9 i need OA min version 4.11 and VC min version 4.30

I currently have:

OA: 4.01

VC: 3.18

This is the sequence i am planning to have:

a.Apply ilo Firmware for all the existing Blades in the enclosure

b.Apply Firmware update for the Physical Blades through SPP DVD

c.Apply On-board Administrator Firmware update

d. Last Apply the Virtual Connect Firmware update


Are you aware of any upgrade path/document that tells whether i can jump from 4.01 to 4.11? Same for VC?


In my past experience 2 years ago on the same system, i have tried to upgrade to a "recommended" version at that time, only to find that that was not "recommended" and had to spend a day with support to downgrade. The behaviour was that when my esxi went under a bit of workload, everything fell apart.




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Re: c3000 firmware upgrade path

What exact VC modules do you have?

Some have limitations regarding the versions you can upgrade to.

Hope this helps!

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Re: c3000 firmware upgrade path

thanks for your reply. 

The existing VC will not work with the new blades, i know that already. So i have 2 new VCs. I think thou i have anyway to upgrade the existing VCs otherwise i have everything close to latest version but the old Vcs.

Anyway, current VCs  are HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module p/n 399593-B22

thanks in advance,