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c700 gen6 Blade System Serial Numbers

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c700 gen6 Blade System Serial Numbers


I have a c700 gen6 Blade System for Educational Purposes. 8 Blades (all BL46c gen6) are running like a charm, 8 others do not came up according to "Server Blade Enclosure Inadequate Power to Power On: Not Enough Power...“ The c7000 Enclosure has enough Power at all, that would not be the Point. All of these 8 Blades have no Serial-Number, so they will not be registerable in Virtual Connect!

From my Point of View there is no possibility to boot the Blades to reach BIOS (and to enter the Serial Numbers). ILO is up and running. Is there any possibility to enter the Serial Numbers in this setup?


Thank you for your Replies

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Re: Changing Proliant Serial Numbers

i remember this not enough power issue was a bug of very old ILO or OA firmware, but it could be also a problem with the server profiles.


You could try to reset the server and watch the status and logs:

OA cli: RESET SERVER <bay number>

Hope this helps!

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Re: Changing Proliant Serial Numbers

Update the firmware on your OAs.

Also check the power management of the C7000 enclosure. If it is set to N+N then only half the power supplies are available at one time. Change it to N+1 (where only 1 of the power supplies is kept in reserve) or turn redundancy off (In which case if a power supply dies and was required for the power drawn by servers then servers may experience a brownout.) But these will make more power available for allocation at the expense of less redundancy.

As far as I know, the serial and product numbers can only be changed in the ROM BIOS setup during POST (F9).