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c7000 Chassis Refresh Analysis

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c7000 Chassis Refresh Analysis

Stephen was looking for some help:




One of my customers is starting the planning for refreshing their G1 blades to G7’s and Gen8’s. They asked how much work is involved in preparing the c7000’s for these newer blades and how can we do all this work with minimal impact to the end user, i.e. no downtime is a requirement.  Not all blades are available to be removed and changed for newer models due to application load/assignments hence the need to plan the firmware application steps.  I don’t want to throw the blanket response to just download and run the firmware maintenance DVD because I’ve seen threads regarding stepping the OA fw updates.  I do have a dozen SHOW ALL files and can read thru them but is there a better way or tool?  What are the known updates that will force a reboot of the chassis if any?  Do we offer this analysis as a service?




From Eric:




Proactive Select delivers this type of service.  It’s a “BladeSystem Firmware and Driver Gap Analysis”.


Here’s the latest Proactive Select Menu…




Have you used this service? Did it help and accomplish the goal?