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enable USB port on a BL460c G7

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Hany Amin
Occasional Contributor

enable USB port on a BL460c G7

Hello All,


we have disabled the USB ports accidentally from bios, and after restarting, we couldn't access the setup menu to change this option, KVM is not responding until the OS lunches, even from the OA, or iLO it doesn't respond to any key board hits.

because the KVM is connected as a USB. 

Any ideas how to fix that. 



Jimmy Vance

Re: enable USB port on a BL460c G7

The quickest way would be to pull the blade and flip switch 6 on to reset the BIOS back to factory defaults

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Hany Amin
Occasional Contributor

Re: enable USB port on a BL460c G7

Thanks Jimmy,,, I was afraid at the first because the server is booting from SAN and i wasn't sure if this reset will afect the booting but it worked. Thanks for your help.