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firmware Integrity BL860c i4

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firmware Integrity BL860c i4

I need to do a firmware update on an iTanium HP-UX 11.31 blade

Integrity BL860c i4

My FW revisions are

iLO FW : 01.70.01
System FW : 02.63
MHW FPGA : 02.02
Power Mon FW : 03.04
Front Panel HW : 05.00
PRS HW : 02.08
IOH HW : 02.02

and that should mean early 2016, I'd like to update to late 2016.

I looked around and found downloads and instructions for Windows or Linux systems: how can I do a FW update on a good old HP-UX system?

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Re: firmware Integrity BL860c i4

Latest bundle is

47.00(17 Nov 2016)



Bundle Version: 47.00
System Firmware Version: 02.64
FPGA Firmware Version: 02.02
iLO-3 Firmware Version: 01.71.06
Power Monitor Firmware Version: 03.04
Front Panel HW: 04.00 or 05.00
PRS HW: 02.08
IOH HW: 02.02



The bundle containing HPSUM as update tool. There is a version for linux and for windows, this means you take your PC and run the bundle. Then you point HPSUM to your blade and enclosure.

This is the reason why you find downloads for linux and windows.


Please read the instructions:

Hope this helps!

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