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gbe2c Vlan Tagging

Occasional Contributor

gbe2c Vlan Tagging


Hi All,

I need some help getting some vlan tagging setup.


I have a c7000 with two gbe2c switches.


I have a cisco 3750x switch which I have setup a new vlan (vlan100) on. I have setup a trunk to the gbe2c switch 02.


On the gbe2c I have enabled vlan tagging on the ports that map to my server. I have created the new vlan on the gbe2c switch 100 and added the server port to the vlan.


The server is ESX I have setup a test VMswitch which is tagged on 100 and have the vkernal on the default vlan on this adapter and its unable to now communicate on the default vlan or or vlan 100.


Please help I cant see why its not working :-/. I can access the new vlan from everywhere I am just unable to get it to work to the blades.


Many Thanks