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hprest: how to set bootorder in legacy bios?

Occasional Advisor

hprest: how to set bootorder in legacy bios?

This is driving me nuts.

I have BL460c Gen9 running under Linux. I can succesfully verify and modify BIOS configuration locally using the "hprest" v1.5. But I don't know how to set the boot order under legacy bios settings. 

Using the "bootorder" command of hprest give me this:

hprest > login
hprest > bootorder

Current Persistent Boot Order:
1. Generic.USB.1.1 (Generic USB Boot)
2. NIC.FlexLOM.1.1.IPv4 (...)
3. NIC.FlexLOM.1.1.IPv6 (...)
4. HD.Emb.1.2 (Embedded RAID 1...)

Continuous and one time boot options:
1. None
2. Cd
3. ...

hprest > bootorder [2,1,4] --comit

When I reboot the server, nothing changed! In fact, the current persistent boot order shown above does not even reflect the current boot order. I the boot order shown is for UEFI boot order.

Can somebody help me on this? Setting the LEGACY boot order with HPrest, that's my problem.