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iLO unreachable/reachable

Occasional Contributor

iLO unreachable/reachable



I have an iLO 2 interface (ROM i21) in a BL490c G6 blade server that is a part of a c3000 enclosure (Firmware 3.60).


The iLO interface shows as unreachable then reachable many times a day in HP Insight Control software.  There are 3 more blade servers in the c3000 enclosure and the iLO interfaces are working fine.


There is nothing in the iLO interface log that can put me on a track.


Is there anything I could do to troubleshoot the issue?


Thank you.




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Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO unreachable/reachable


you could check for network connectivity problems between the Insight Control Software and the server. Does it stop responding to ping at the same time?

You could try to put the blade in another slot in the c3000.
Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO unreachable/reachable

What iLO2 firmware version do you have?  iLO2 could be crashing and auto-rebooting after two minutes.  To check if there is an iLO2 crash dump, log into iLO2 webGUI then, in your browser replace the last part of the URL with  /dfeh.htm


If there is something in that dfeh.htm page, please post it here.

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