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iSCSI boot questioon with the BL465c G7 and ProCurve 6120 X/XG switch.

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iSCSI boot questioon with the BL465c G7 and ProCurve 6120 X/XG switch.

Stefanus had an iSCSI boot question:




Dear Experts,


One of my customer interested to perform boot from iSCSI using the BL465G7 servers (running Windows 2K8 and Ubuntu). Because the budget is quite limited, we propose to use C3000 enclosure and use procurve 6120 G/XG in bay 1. They want to use P4300 node with 10GB SFP+ upgrade kit as the external storage. So the plan is they want to boot from P4000 node with 10GB bandwidth to each servers.


My question is can this solution works? As the LOM on BL465G7 support iSCSI boot, but can it work with procurve 6120 G/XG and in C3000 enclosure? Or is it better to propose 10 GB passthru module because it definitely work with NC551i, but need to add additional TOR lan switch to connect it with p4000 node?


I'm open for any input or suggestion.




Alex replied:




ProCurve 6120XG will operate similar to pass-thru in this case. Server BIOS will initialize 1 Ethernet and 1 iSCSI connection by default. iSCSI Boot parameters would be managed through RBSU and boot bios utility available from Emulex/SE.




Other questions? Are you using iSCSI boot?