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ilo3 1.26 stops responding after RHEL5 booted

Michael Pye
Occasional Advisor

ilo3 1.26 stops responding after RHEL5 booted

We have several bl465 g7 blades that are accessible over ilo3 firmware 1.26 (either ssh textcons or .net or java) whilst the OS (RHEL5.7) boots, but as soon as the OS comes up, you can no longer enter any keyboard or mouse commands, as though ilo has stopped responding. An ilo reset does not fix it. An ugprade to the apparently latest ilo3 1.28 does not fix it. It's as though something has happened to the OS to stop allowing input or has caused the ilo to stop responding. Any ideas ?


Firmware 1.28 appears to be out, but not listed on the primary ilo3 firmware page.


Also after installing this, the ilo3 standard blade license no longer allows textcons access, saying this now requires advanced license, bug ?



Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: ilo3 1.26 stops responding after RHEL5 booted

Can you please give me more details on how iLO3 isn't responding when the OS comes up? Is it the iLO3 webGUI not responding, SSH not reponding or is it just the Remote Console session that isn't passing keyboard/mouse commands to the OS?


Textcons has always been an advanced feature. There was a bug that would allow Textcons to work with standard license.

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