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install linux, from linux, without graphic mode?

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install linux, from linux, without graphic mode?

I have a linux desktop. I'm tryinhg to install linux on some 465c G7 blades.

really frustrated at this point, because of the multiple things i've tried getting a Linux OS installed on them.. at some point it jumps into graphicsmode.

which I cant use unless I have 10 year old version of windows along with a 10 year old browser, apparently.
I'm happily connected to the ILO via ssh, and using "textcons".  but that doesnt do me any good, apparently.


Can anyone help me out on a better way to do things here please?


Jimmy Vance

Re: install linux, from linux, without graphic mode?

You could always plug the dongle in the front and hook up a monitor.......

Not knowing what flavor/version you're tying to install, I'd guess KMS is kicking in and you get the dreaded unsupported text mode message over textcons.  Boot the OS using nomodeset which should kill KMS and leave it in text mode


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