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iscsi boot on bl 460c g1 - nc373m adapter

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iscsi boot on bl 460c g1 - nc373m adapter



i want the nc373m nic adapter to boot from an iscsi device.


HP ProLiant BL460c G1

NC373m Dual Port Multifunction 1Gb NIC for c-Class BladeSystem

Firmware Current Version: I15 10/25/2010



In the bios, there is an option to switch to iscsi boot which i did.


1. ( embedded nics -> NIC 1 Boot Options -> ISCSI Boot )


2. Pressing CTRL+S to configure the


Broadcom NetXtreme II Ethernet Boot Agent v 2.8.3


3. MBA Configuration Menu

Boot Protocol -> Preboot Execution Environment ( PXE)


a) i try to toggle this to iscsi ( pressing arrow left or right ) -> not working


b) i try to Press CTRL+K ( which is in all documentation found the key to switch to iSCSI Cfg )

-> not working / no reaction


c) i try to Press CTRL-I ( which is shown as the Hotkey for iSCSI Cfg in my MBA Configuration Menu )

-> not working / no reaction


( By the way, if you select in the ROM Setup PXE Boot, its CTRL+K, if you have selected iSCSI Boot, its CTRL+I )

But both anyway not working, in MBA it stays on PXE.



And so this is where i stuck now.


I tried to download a new Firmware, but it seems thats not available.


I tried this HP SoftPaq Download Manager, but it just holds Desktop stuff.


All the found documentation is not working / helping.


Does anyone please have an advice for me ?


Thank you and greetings


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Re: iscsi boot on bl 460c g1 - nc373m adapter



so what i found now in the DELL Dokumentation:



If iSCSI boot firmware is not programmed in the NetXtreme network adapter, selecting CTRL+K will not have any effect.



Ok, so obviously this is the case here, the question is now, how to get the firmware to enable iscsi >,<


According to the HP Support DVD the firmware is up to date, and it also dont let me re-apply the firmware patch.