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"Bad Gateway" ILO error for all blades

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"Bad Gateway" ILO error for all blades

I changed the virtual connect profiles on a c3000 and discovered that I'm unable to open any of the remote consoles so I can get the servers connected back to the network. When I try to open the IRC, I get a dialog box indicating that the "application download did not succeed." Clicking on the details indicates a "bad gateway" error.


I am able to connect to the ILO address for each of the blades.


I have tried to restart ILO, which includes having the blades pulled and reinserted. 


I assume the virtual connect profile changes are unrelated but that was the only change I've made prior to this particular problem.


This is ILO 3, version 1.28.


Any thoughts here? I'm five hours away from the chassis so this is more than a little frustrating.


Edit: Blades are BL460c G7.

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Re: "Bad Gateway" ILO error for all blades

Okay, I figured it out. Apparently I needed to reset the onboard administrator as well. I'll leave this up in case anyone runs into the same issue I did.