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ssh into BL460c G6 in C7000 - help needed

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ssh into BL460c G6 in C7000 - help needed

First time blade setup from me and I'm pulling my hair out. Here's what I did:

1) Bought a cheap used C7000 with 14 x BL460c G6 in them

2) Installed CentOS 6.7 on first blade, I can login with the local SUV cable

3) Looking at the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator, everything looks good, I can see the blade, 2 Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120x and 2 HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switches

From my Linux server I can ping the blade chassis ( and the iLO (

Here's what I can't do: ssh out of the blade or ssh into the blade from my network. I have no idea how to set this up. During the install of CentOS on the blade I couldn't set up the network. DHCP wouldn't find  anything. Where do I look? Would the blade have the same IP address as the iLO for the blade? ifconfig shows the NIC address 00:23:7D:F1:DC:18, but how do I get that into the system so I can connect from the outside.



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Re: ssh into BL460c G6 in C7000 - help needed

I think you may have to configure Virtual Connect and specifically create a server profile for each populated bay.  The profile is where you define how the server logically maps the onboard and/or mezzanine adapters to the modules in the interconnect bays.

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Re: ssh into BL460c G6 in C7000 - help needed

The chassis itself has an internal network, where the OA, the interconnects and the blade ILOs are connected. You reach them via the OA network connector.

The blades itself only using the interconnects (your cisco switches), so you need to configure and connect them in order to "speak" to the outside world. For DHCP for the OS you need an external DHCP server, of course (could be one of your blade servers too).


Don't worry, you obviously don't have virtual connect.

Hope this helps!

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