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xw460 Blade workstation ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) and Firmware

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xw460 Blade workstation ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) and Firmware

Usha had a tricky upgrade question:




We have a customer running several discontinued 100 xw460 blades mixed with other blades in an enclosure. These enclosures and Blades installed by HP in 2007.


They’re paying us to update their firmware, but we’re unsure how that would impact the xw460 blades or vice versa.


Can we apply the latest OA/iLO/VC updates to the enclosure without negatively impacting the xw460?

With the most recent PSP for the xw460 being 8.30 (WinXPPro) and 8.60 (Win7x64) would you happen to know how those function with the current OA/iLO/VC?


Is the xw460 close enough to the bl460 that a respective PSP from the bl460 might work? I know I’m getting into some uncharted waters here..


Did anyone face this situation?  Any help on this really appreciated.




from Monty:




The only firmware difference between the xw460 and same generation BL460 server blade would be the System ROM and of course the graphics adapter.


There should be no issue updating the OA / iLO / VC and not updating the xw460.




Have you done this? Any comments or suggestions?