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Checking the License on Blade SAN Switch

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Checking the License on Blade SAN Switch

Sally had a customer question:




How to check the license on Blade SAN Switch? We need to upgrade blade enclosure and not knowing if Blade SAN Switch are 8/12 or 8/24.




Terri had a way:




From the Brocade cli (command line) run the following command:


Licenseshow (not case-sensitive)


If you see a 12-port license installed, it is a 8/24. If you see no port licenses installed, it is a 8/12.




That should help Sally. Any other methods that you use?

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Re: Checking the License on Blade SAN Switch

Hello ,

I need Help .


I have just install SAN switch HP B-series 8/12c BladeSystem SAN Switch on C3000 with only one server blad and when I configure and accesss to the SAN swich you see the attached word fike I see only twi port Active 17 and 18 the rest not active is this still need a license or just need install blad server with HBA card ????



and I need to knw what is mean What is " 8 Gig FC license" stand for ? on licenseshow