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HP D2220sb with VSA software next to 4 node HyperV cluster

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Erick Arturo Perez
Frequent Advisor

HP D2220sb with VSA software next to 4 node HyperV cluster

hi there,


If I have a c7000 and in positions 1,2,3,4 there are BL460c blades running Hyper-V 2012 in cluster mode and in position 5 I install a D2220sb storage blade running VSA software presenting the storage via iSCSI using the VSA VM running on blade 4 and the blade in position 4 fails, what happens?

If im running the hyperv cluster, the VSA VM being treated as a regular VM will be moved to a free node like 1,2,3 but that is for the software part. Im looking for clarification on the Quickspecs that say: "VSA software is installed in a virtual machine on a VMware ESX/ESXi & Microsoft Hyper-V host server adjacent to the D2220sb".



a- will the entire D2220sb cease to function because the "adjacent blade" is no longer active?

b- since the VSA software part will be moved to other surviving nodes, will the D2220sb survive too?






Re: HP D2220sb with VSA software next to 4 node HyperV cluster



the d2220sb is always linked to a single server. And I am afraid that you need to move at least one of your blades. The d2200 and server combination is usually always in adjacent slots, i.e. blade in slot1, d2220sb in slot 2; or blade in slot3 and d2220sb in slot 4. If you do have the d2220sb in slot 5, then you would need to have a blade in slot 6.


Now, if the adjacent blade is really down, then your entire d2220sb will not be accessible anymore. So moving VSAs around will not help you.




Erick Arturo Perez
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP D2220sb with VSA software next to 4 node HyperV cluster

Tom, thanks for the info. I will indeed fail to use the storage blade if the adjacent blade goes down, I now understand this behavior. Thanks.