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HP SB40C Storage Blade Bay Allocation

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HP SB40C Storage Blade Bay Allocation

Hi everybody, thanks in advance for the help!

I'm pretty new to working with Blade Chassis, but I have a pretty general understanding of how they work. My current objective is to install Windows on one server, and Linux on the other.

My original assumption was that having the storage array connected to the enclosure would have it automatically allocate the hard drives to each server in the enclosure (ex: HDD 1 to Server Bay 1, HDD 2 to Server Bay 2, etc...) However when I go to choose which disk I'd like to install windows on, none show up.

The storage blade's partner device has FreeNAS installed. I'm able to access the web interface but not all six drives show up, only logical volumes. If I boot into the option ROM config utility I'm able to see all six physical drives and configure RAID as I wish (Three logical volumes with 2 HDD's each in RAID 1). Wonderful, right? My question is how do I allocate those logical volumes to each server in the chassis??? One logical volume for server bay 4, and one for server bay 6.

There must be a way to do so if all these blade servers come with no hard drives built in but are meant to run operating systems.

I attached a photo of my current setup with the C3000 enclosure and how I'd like to configure the array storage - Two hard drives in RAID 1 allocated to bay 4, and the same setup for bay 6

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Re: HP SB40C Storage Blade Bay Allocation


you can't do that SB40C is physically connected to adjacent server in you case from you scan  SB40 is connected to server in slot 7 and only see by him

so to see storage in SB40C from another server you must move server or SB40C either

hope to be clear