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MDS600 & C7000 RACKING

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MDS600 & C7000 RACKING


I have had a request come into our Data Centre for multiple racks containing 1 x C7000 enclosure and 3 x supporting MDS600s.

My question is around the actual physical installation. The plan was to put 3 x MDS600 at the bottom of the rack starting at U1, the C7000 at U16. I am concerned that should the customer require expand and install additional MDS600, would it be ok to install them directly above the C7000 enclosure? ( understand they are deeper)

The quick specs refer to a 1U shelf (501037-B21) but I cannot find an image of it and believe this is for 3rd party racks only.

Also, one of our other sites insist of a 1U Blanking plate between each device. My client has stated that the MDS MUST be directly above each other with no gaps in between?

Any ideas please folks?



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Re: MDS600 & C7000 RACKING

Your Question is kind of old now. But an answer miht be helpfull to others.


I would put the C7000 at the bottom, at U1. Due to weight and depth.

In general, the most heavy part at the bottom.


Then Stack the MDS' on top of the C7000, with no space between.

Some people, like to put a space between the devices, since they believe, tey will get a better cooling.

But they will not get a better cooling, they will loss rack space only.




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Re: MDS600 & C7000 RACKING

I have seen a large Ibrix X9730 install which uses a ton of MDS600 and Blades and their factory design disagrees with you.

4 x MDS600 in the bottom of the rack, special bracing bracket at U 21, c7000 starting at U22 and then additional MDS600 if needed above the c7000.

Unfortunately for the Original Requester, I don't know the PN for the bracket either as I came in after it was all ordered and installed.