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SAS HDD Firmware update on SB40c

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SAS HDD Firmware update on SB40c

Hi Guys,

I've done quite a bit of searching on this topic and haven't been able to find an answer, hoping someone has seen this before!

I have an SB40c with 6 x SAS HDDs running out of date firmware, I received a warning on boot to this effect, so started some checks. I've updated the SB40c firmware itself via telnet connection to the OA and running the update command from there, which has worked. I then ran the latest SPP against the partner BL460c blade to update that, which also worked. At the end of it however, I still have 6 disks that in the SB40c that are not updating their firmware and I'm at a loss as to how to do this. Does anyone have an idea (without putting the drives into another blade and running the SPP - though I guess that is an option, just slow)? It's the only one I have on the estate so have not run into this elsewhere.

Apologies if it's an easy fix, but couldn't find an answer!

Thanks in advance.