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BladeSystem Storage Blades
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SB40c Storage Blade config info needed.

Trusted Contributor

SB40c Storage Blade config info needed.

Binu was looking for SB40c info:




Iam looking for  document for SB40c Storage Blade which tells about the position of Partner blades.

(It tells which slot the Storage blade should go and which slot the server blade should be placed)




Reply from Jim:




Used as direct attached storage, the enclosure backplane provides a PCI Express connection to the adjacent c-Class server blade and enables high performance storage access without any additional cables.


The SB40c can also be used with HP P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) software to create an iSCSI SAN, providing shared storage to the physical and virtual servers inside the enclosure. You can also expand capacity by adding SB40c and HP P4000 VSA within the same enclosure or to additional enclosures


HP SB40c Storage Blade Quickspecs:




Also from David:




The D2200sb has replaced the SB40c.  Please see the specs below.





And some info from Rajesh:




Pls find the installation instructions.

• Install the SB40c in any device bay.

• If the SB40c is installed in an odd-numbered bay, install the partner server blade in the adjacent even-numbered bay to the right.

• If the SB40c is installed in an even-numbered bay, install the partner server blade in the adjacent odd-numbered bay to the left.


Ref to page # 11 of the enclosed  user guide.




Any other help for Binu?