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Smart Array 712m installation problem on BL490c G6

Trusted Contributor

Smart Array 712m installation problem on BL490c G6

Michael had an issue when installing the Smart Array 712m card in the mezz slot of the BL490c G6. Issue: Too short of a cable.



Customer purchased upgrade P712m start array controller.   Problem I am having is routing the existing SAS cables to the 712m mezz card from the disks.  There is no clearance between the cable connectors on the 712m controller and the mounting bracket for the SSD SAS disks using the mezz 2 slot.  If I use the mezz 1 slot, then there is a little more clearance, however the SAS cables are not long enough to reach the SSD disks.  Is there a different SAS cable to use for the 712m controller, longer cables, or a different drive mounting bracket.


Jeroen had the answer:


Howdy Michael,

Some older kits where having a cable that was too short; the new kits should have a longer cable.

Have you tried ordering with HP support, the spare kit: 490820-001?


This should hold a new and longer cable.

Cheers, Jeroen


Does this work for you? Are you using and liking the 712M Smart Array controller?


Re: Smart Array 712m installation problem on BL490c G6

Folks, FYI the EMEA and some APJ/AMS HP stocks might not be purged yet to have the right cable.


The old cable: assembly number: 465869-001 (black color) 25.5cm/10.0inch/0.84ft end2end long


The NEW cable: assembly number: 595049-001 and a blue color with 32cm/12.6inch/1.05ft. long


We hope to have the new cable in our spare part kit: 490820-001 before end of july 2010.


If you have a urgent need then let me know via a private message.

Cheers, Jeroen Kleen


(I am an HP Employee and CI Ambassador)