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Re: Update SB40C blade in c3000 enclosure

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Update SB40C blade in c3000 enclosure

I have a customer with a c3000 enclosure with OA firmware 3.55 and I am recommending that they update to 3.71. I notice that they have an SB40c storage blade also that is at fw version 1.20. Where do I find the recommended version for that blade that is compatible with 3.71 OA firmware and how do we go about updating the SB40c blade?

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Re: Update SB40C blade in c3000 enclosure

I found the following fromt the SB40c support page:


Select the "Guided Troubleshooting" section and you will see a section about updating firmware:



SB40c Storage Blade firmware is already embedded in the OA firmware code.  From OA CLI run the following command:




A table showing components, current and new firmware versions will be displayed.


To update the firmware on SB40c Storage Blade, run the command




Where XX stands for location.



Basically, you perform the OA update and then  run the SHOW UPDATE and UPDATE DEVICE commands from the OA CLI to update the Storage Blade (as well as any Pass Through modules you may have).


Also, note that the SB40c has an embedded P400 controller that you can update via the partner blade OS.   




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Re: Update SB40C blade in c3000 enclosure

Thank you for your guidance. It sounds easy enough, won't be able to tell until I am at the customer to do the work. I am also still unsure about the p400 controller that will get updated from the partner blade. Thank you gor pointing in the right place for information.