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1/10Gbps Virtual Connect Fibre/Ethernet Modules

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1/10Gbps Virtual Connect Fibre/Ethernet Modules

Binu has a question on early versions of Virtual Connect modules:




My c7000 enclosures have 1/10Gbps Virtual Connect Fibre/Ethernet Modules in Interconnect Bay 1 and Bay 2


Server installed are


BL 465 c with Two(2) embedded NC370i Multifunction Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapters

BL 870  with   Four (4) Embedded Standard Gigabit NICs





Do we get   4 Virtual NICs per LOM (if the LOM is Multifunction Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapters) as we get using  Flex 10 modules (where 2 LOMs  becomes 8 Virtual  NICs ,provided LOM is Multifunction Gigabit Ethernet)


What would be the behavior if the LOM is  Standard Gigabit NICs.




From Dale:




No.  You have 2 things working against you, one on the server side and the 2nd on the interconnect side.  The embedded NC370i Multifunction GbE LOM's do not have the capability to be split into 4 FlexNIC's per LOM (NC5xx adapters have this functionality) and the HP 1/10Gb-F Virtual Connect Ethernet Module does not have the technology built in to understand FlexNIC or FlexFabric CNA PCI-e functions.


This might help.


HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 technology: Convergence with FlexFabric components




Any other comments or suggestions?