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10Gb Connectivity SFP+ question

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10Gb Connectivity SFP+ question

Vincent had an SFP+ tranceiver question:




Hi all,

 Can the followings are able to connect together with the LC-SC Fibre Channel cable? Thanks.


  1. ProCurve Switch 5412zl Intelligent Edge (J8698A) with HP X131 10G X2 SC SR Transceiver (J8436A)



HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 module with HP BLc 10Gb SR SFP+ (455883-B21)




Jeremy replied:




You can connect these together, but you would need a fibre cable that had LC connections on one end (SFP+ in BladeSystem) and SC connections on the other end (E5412zl switch) .. I don’t see foresee a problem using a Fibre Channel cable as you specified, but it may be unsupported.


However I would recommend you looked at using the SFP+ module for the E5412zl switch (two options >> four optic ports with 28.8 gbps slot speed) and the V2 eight optic ports (32 Gbps slot speed)) and use the HP X132 10G SFP+ LC SR Transceiver(J9150A)




Jeroen also chimed in:




If you are using the new HPN Procurve ZL series 4port or 8 port (2:1) modules then you can use the DAC cables (up till 7m) that would be better and cheaper where possible and the length is not a issue of course.




Any other comments or questions?