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3PAR direct attach to VC FlexFabric questions

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3PAR direct attach to VC FlexFabric questions

Gautham was looking for info  and guidance on using VC FlexFabric with 3PAR Storage Systems:




Just wanted to check whether the 3PAR 7000 StoreServ is supported under VC Direct-Attach?

Can find the documentation claiming support only for: HP P10000 3PAR Storage Systems, HP 3PAR T-Class and F-Class Storage Systems (that also only VC Flex-Fabric)


Also if we were to do a mixed fabric & direct-attach scenario (as per the below diagram), a single blade can only connect to the 3PAR OR storage systems on the SAN switch but never both(of course while maintaining redundancy).

Is my understanding correct in this regard?







Input from Dan:




From the 3PAR 7000 QuickSpecs:


You are correct for a half height server with only one LOM that you can do 1 Redundant connection or 2 non-redundant connections.

For Full height blades (660/620/680/685) you have 4 FCoE functions available, so you could do 2 different connections WITH redundancy.

And similarly Mezz Cards and additional FF or VC FC could be used to attach to both with redundancy.




Info from Kant:




Flat SAN support includes StoreServ 7000 series. The lack in documentation is due to the fact that StoreServ 7000 family was qualified in December ’12  i.e. after VC v3.70 launch in August ‘12. We will be updating  documentation to reflect StoreServ 7000. Flat SAN solution offering is limited to VC FlexFabric. 




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