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About HP Virtual Connect transceiver modules and Cisco switches VSS

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About HP Virtual Connect transceiver modules and Cisco switches VSS

Xie needed some clarification on HP transceiver modules and Cisco switches:




When connecting HP VC modules with Cisco switches,

if Cisco switches are configured using VSS,

what kind of fabric module should be used, XFP module or SFP module?

If XFP module must be used, would you please tell me the reason? Thanks!!




Vincent was able to help:




XFP and SFP refer to the physical interface of the transceivers, you can use any of them, they don't even have to be the same on both sides of the connection, what matters is that both sides use the same speed (1Gb or 10Gb) and the same encoding standard (for 10Gb: SR on both sides or LRM on both sides for example). And VSS on the Cisco side has absolutely nothing to do with any of this.




Cisco Virtual Switch Supervisor(VSS)  is used to make 2 Cisco upstram switches to act like a single switch and single domain for management . It has 2, 10Gb SFP ports for interconnect and 1, 1 Gb port.


Suggestions? Is this an issue for you? Follow Vincent's suggestions and you will be fine for connecting to the VSS.