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Active-Active link


Active-Active link



we would like to achieve active-active link using a single 10G link each from the 2 flex-10 modules to get 20GB (which goes to 2 different Nexus 5K switches)


Is this possible and if yes, how can we do it?


I am hearing about some DIP switch on the VC moduels too. where can we set that?





Respected Contributor

Re: Active-Active link

It's not possible, your two uplinks need to come from the same Flex-10 interconnect.  It seems I heard that that may change with a firmware update, but  I was just looking at some info on 4.0 and didn't see anything on it.  


I believe with vPC setup you can go from one interconnect to two 5k's.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Active-Active link

It is possible.  You just need to set up an Active-Active configuration on the Virtual Connect, as described in the cookbook.  What you can't do is have the two uplinks joined in a single virtual portchannel (vPC) on the Nexus switches, as the Virtual Connect systems will not allow you to bind the two uplinks into a single aggregated link, since they are on two different interconnect modules.