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Adding VC Domains to Existing VC Domain Groups in VCEM


Adding VC Domains to Existing VC Domain Groups in VCEM

Hi all,


We currently have 4 C7000 blade enclosures. 3 of them are each as their own Virtual Connect domain, while 1 of them is currently managed through VCEM in a VC Domain Group.


Since the 3 standalone VC Domains each self manage WWNs and MACs for their storage and networking, when we bring those enclosures under the management of VCEM, what happens if there is a conflict between WWNs/MACs on two different enclosures? To put it more clearly:


Suppose Enclosure A has a Blade given WWN C0:1A and is attached to Fabric A. Also suppose that Enclosure B has a Blade given the same WWN (C0:1A) and is attached to Fabric B. When both of these VC Domains are brought under the management of VCEM, will there be a conflict? And if so, who wins the conflict? Which blade gets to keep its WWN and which one gets a new one given by VCEM?


We have two enclosures attached to different SAN fabrics whose range of WWNs overlap. Is VCEM smart enough to realize that they are connected to different fabrics and that a WWN overlap doesn't impact anything? Or will it just see the WWNs conflict and cause an outage?


I've read through the literature, and even discussed this with some of our HP support, but haven't found or been given a satisfactory answer.


Thanks everyone!


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Re: Adding VC Domains to Existing VC Domain Groups in VCEM

You are going to need to go through and dump all your MAC's and WWW's and check for duplicates. First I'd check to see what ranges the non VCEM enclosures are running. Hopefully whomever set them up chose different ranges for each domain. If you do have duplicate WWWN's I think you're going to be doing some rezoning for the imported enclosures.