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Additional uplink to shared uplink

Ilbis Insfran
Occasional Advisor

Additional uplink to shared uplink

I need additional external shared uplink port to a virtual connect flex 10.
This procedure is disrruptive, ?

  It can be done online? 
Is there any documentation showing me the procedure ?.
Thank you

Trusted Contributor

Re: Additional uplink to shared uplink

This is a big "It depends" answer.

If you are adding another uplink on the same VC module as the existing, and you want to LACP them, then you might have a small/short disruption as LACP figured out the LAG members.

This also requires you to add the upstream Switch port to the existing LAG.

If you don't have an exiting LAG, you will need to reconfigure the upstream port which will likely cause a brief interruption as well.

If you are adding a port on a different VC moduie, there will likely be no interruption as the port will be in Standby mode since a single SUS cannot have Active ports on 2 different VC modules.

If you can provide more details about what your environment looks like now, vs your goal, someone can better help you figure out the exact process.
Ilbis Insfran
Occasional Advisor

Re: Additional uplink to shared uplink


Thank you  Casper42