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Any change VC firmware 3.60/3.70 and stacking links ?

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Any change VC firmware 3.60/3.70 and stacking links ?

Arno was helping a customer:




Customer is using the X7 port of the FlexFabric module as an uplink He is now unable to configure this at the moment, there are some previous enclosures that are using X7 as uplink.


During the setup customer encounters following error message :


->add uplinkport  enc0:2:X7 network=tr-mgmt-b

ERROR: The specified port is a stacking-link port.


Any idea ?

Before he could setup X7 as normal or stacking uplink.




Reply from Mark:




Is there a SFP installed in X7? If not, it is a stacking link.




And more from Dan:




I concur.


The internal connection is only disabled when an SFP is installed into the external port.


So until that happens, VC owns both ends of the "cable" and thus makes it a stacking cable.




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