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Are AJ716A and AJ716B SFP+ (b-series) compatable?

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Are AJ716A and AJ716B SFP+ (b-series) compatable?

incompatability between SFP+ (B-series) AJ716A (retired) and AJ716B (new version)?



We have run into an issue with using the 8G SFP+, P/N AJ716B, into our SAN switches (HP Branded, Brocade 5100's). When connecting SAN fabric by using these SFP+'s in VC FC 8/24port modules, we don't get a connection. First I thought that maybe they have to match on both ports being used. Still no luck connecting.


When using the older AJ716A SFP+ in both ports, connection is made almost immediately.

We have just received new replacement equipment, part of that consists of more 8/24 port VC modules and AJ716B SFP+ for use with them.


They are both marked as (B-series SW) 8GB SFP+.....