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Assessment in Network Virtual Connect

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Assessment in Network Virtual Connect

Luis had a customer question regarding traffic statistics in Virtual Connect:




Is there a tool that can measure the level of traffic to LAN Virtual Connect, a customer needs to make an assessment of your entire network and has 2 Virtual connect in your infrastructure.


I need to know whether there is a tool to do this type of analysis at the level of VC or otherwise confirm whether the same analysis that is made in the Swithces would cover in the Virtual Connect.





Reply from Fred:




Virtual Connect Manager has the ability to display throughput statistics through the “Throughput Statistic” item on the Tools pull-down menu. There’s more information on this feature in the VC User Guide Likewise for VC’s SNMP support.


Since the customer has IMC, you may want to look at the sFlow feature that’s also available in VC. When used with an sFlow collector such as those in IMC and Inmon, administrators can get a detailed view of Ethernet traffic flows for VC.